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Feedback is essential for learning

With an exploratory approach to Mathematics and step-by-step feedback, we have provided high-quality, interactive learning to hundreds of thousands of students for over a decade.

We leverage technology to enhance proven teaching and learning strategies. Receiving feedback and exploring topics are at the centre of Maths learning. Active and engaged students learn more.

Why Kikora?

Continuous feedback

Receive instant, step-by-step feedback throughout the problem-solving process. Our unique Kikora Maths Engine interprets and corrects, giving users continuous feedback. 

Exploratory approach

Learn through interacting with our dynamic models and visualisations.

Mathematical conversations

Student motivation increases and mathematical understanding improves through dialogues and discussions.


Our exploratory approach to Programming teaches students algorithmic thinking and problem-solving skills.

Feedback is essential for learning

Our unique Kikora Maths Engine provides feedback on each step in the problem-solving process, helping students be more independent and motivated in their learning. In Mathematics, the process is just as important as the final answer.

Exploratory Mathematics

Interactive and dynamic models and visualisations empower students to learn by exploring. This approach allows students to build a deeper understanding and utilise the benefits of digital learning.

Providing the tools teachers need

Differentiated learning packages are tailored to support a wide range of abilities in any class, allowing students to work at their own level. With the help of reports and detailed analytics, teachers are given more time to provide quality education for all.
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We have a full partnership with Casio Europe, which offers our market learning Maths learning software to students in Germany and France through ClassPad Learning. 

Our technology partnership with Van In in Belgium offers access to our proprietary and unique Kikora Maths Engine.

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Utforskende og interaktivt! Alle oppgavene er lest inn.

Utforsking, problemløsing, og blokkprogrammering.

Problemløsing, utforsking, og programmering.


Dynamisk utforskende oppgaver og umiddelbare tilbakemeldinger.

About us

We have been a leading provider of digital Maths learning in Norway and the Scandinavian market for more than ten years and deliver our Maths learning software and technology to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Germany and France. 

Kikora is a subsidiary of Inspera, a world-leading assessment platform.